Getting help if things go wrong when selling

Sometimes, things go wrong when selling property. There are steps you can take and people who can help you.

Summary of important things to know
  • Write down the order of events from start to finish, and make sure you have copies of relevant documents (for example, the sale and purchase agreement, listing agreement, LIM, building inspection report), along with emails, letters or photographs.

  • Think about the outcome you are looking for.

  • Talk with the person or company involved. Explain what happened and when. Remember that the other party will have their own version of what happened. Listen to the other party’s perspective, and give them the opportunity to respond within a reasonable timeframe.

  • If this approach doesn’t work, you can talk with the person’s manager or the company’s complaints manager.

  • If you are still dissatisfied, there are a number of organisations that can provide further help and advice.

  • This page provides some helpful tips but will not necessarily cover everything you need to know or all your options. You should always get advice from your own lawyer or conveyancer and other registered professionals.


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