Understanding the home buying journey

Buying a home can be a complicated process, especially when you haven’t bought before. The Buyer Journey Guide sets out the end-to-end process.

Summary of important things to know
  • Before you start your buying journey, build up a support team. You’ll need a lawyer, an insurer and a bank or mortgage broker. You may also need to hire a property inspector later on in the process.

  • It’s important to confirm your finances and have approval from your lender before you get serious about a property.

  • Do your homework on a property and research it thoroughly so you can make informed decisions.

  • Before you can make an offer, you’ll need to know and understand the method of sale being used for that home.

  • Plan your settlement day, make a pre-settlement inspection and make sure your finances and insurance are in order before you pick up the keys and move in.

  • Download the Buyer Journey Guide for more information.

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