Learning about problem building materials

If the property you want to purchase has been built with materials that are known to be problematic, we recommend you get a property inspection report to check for any issues.

Summary of important things to know
  • If you see black piping or know that the house was built or re-plumbed in the late 1970s to early 1980s, check if the piping is Dux Quest which is prone to leaking.

  • Weatherside is an exterior house cladding product popular in the early 1980s. It is prone to swelling and turning to mush. The only way to fix it is to replace the cladding.

  • Asbestos was a popular building material from the mid-1940s until the mid-1980s. If it is found at a property, you will need to get specialist advice on how much of a risk it poses, how it could be removed and the time and cost for removal.

  • This information about problem building materials may not cover everything that is relevant to you or the property. You should always get advice from your own lawyer or conveyancer and other registered professionals.

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