Completing the sale

Accepting an offer on your property can be a relief, but there are still a number of steps before the sale is complete. Here’s how to get through the last stage of the process.

Summary of important things to know
  • A sale and purchase agreement is a legally binding document. When you sign, it means you are now in contract with the buyer, and it may be difficult and expensive to change your mind.

  • The buyer usually has to pay a deposit of around 10%, which is held in a trust account. 

  • If you are not happy with something in the sale and purchase agreement or would like to add something, ask the agent to change it. The buyer may or may not accept your change.

  • If you or the buyer attached conditions to the sale, these must be worked through before the deadline agreed by you and the buyer in the sale and purchase agreement. 

  • If you are selling privately, make sure that you seek advice from a lawyer or conveyancer about what needs to be done to complete the sale.


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